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photo series.

The Denver Colorado Temple

Denver Colorado Temple
Rain! Oh, well.
I had looked up the location of the Denver Temple on MapBlast, so I knew the general area, but I didn't think I'd need the step-by-step directions, fool that I was. It is locaed on Phillips Cir. I found Phillips Dr., followed it for a ways, found Phillips St., maybe even Phillips Ct., got all mixed up, frustrated.
Then I saw a young lady (attractive young lady, I should say) washing her car by the curb in the rain. I drove up to her and said, "I am TOTALLY lost!"
She asked me what I was looking for, and I said the Denver Temple.
She said, "Turn left at this next corner go two blocks turn right for one block then right again for two blocks then left keep going until you come to a four-way stop take the diagonal one for three blocks turn right then turn left at any of three streets and go one block you'll see it right up there."
"I'd better write that down," said I. So she said it again, one step at a time.
She was exactly right. How on earth she could fire off directions like that I'll never know.
What on earth would men do without women?!
Anyway, it was raining hard, so I couldn't walk around taking photos as I wanted to. But I will say that the setting as well as the temple itself are very beautiful: the setting high on a hill, the temple unique.

Denver Temple in the rain

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