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Donald Leslie Mark
                  -- Photo by Nicole Mark
You have arrived at the Web Site of
Donald Leslie Mark
A Web Site for the Chronologically Challenged—and for you, too.

Philosopher + Theologian +  Essayist  +  Motion Picture Critic  +  Art Critic  +
+ Critic of Everything + Reader of Books + Watcher of Television + Channel +
+ Photographer +  Gourmand +  Appleologist +  Epicurean + Grandfather +
+ Political Philosopher + Pragmatist + Idealist + Author + Calligrapher +
+ Renaissance Man + Pomme de Terre de Divan Extraordinaire +
+ Publisher + Teacher + Raconteur + Naturalist + Historian +
+ Marriage Counsellor  +  Solver of World Problems +
+ Athlete of Greatest Renown + Icecreamologist +
+ Philanthropist  +  Descendant of Royalty +
+ Proponent of  Every  Point  of View +
+ Seeker  of  Wisdom  and  Truth +
+ World   Class   Indoorsman +
+ Advisor to the President +
+ National Park Buff +
+ Mountain  Man +
+ Pasta Chef +
+ Humorist +
+ Etc. +

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