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Donald L. Mark

I am the son of Isaac Tinsley Mark,who was born November 21, 1895, in Morehead, Kentucky. He died December 24, 1959, in Muncie, Indiana. He is buried at the old cemetery in Morehead. He was married twice: first, to Blanche Wages, of Morehead, by whom he had three children: Neoma Virginia Mark Terpstra Meegan (deceased), Herschel Isaac Mark, and Floyd Boone Mark (deceased).

Blanche died in 1918. He then married Jessie Mae Edmon, of Buchanan, Kentucky, July 9, 1919. Together they had seven children: Leon, who died shortly after birth; Windsor Ray Mark (deceased); Dale Warren Mark (deceased), professor emeritus of Warner Pacific College in Portland, Oregon; Jesse Paul Mark, a retired businessman and artist in Lexington, Kentucky; Donald Leslie Mark (me), a retired teacher and retired small businessman; Herbert Lee Mark, retired businessman of Portland, Oregon; and Beverly Jeanne Mark Vance, retired attorney in Portland, Oregon.

Isaac was the son of Milton Boone Mark, born October 12, 1858, in Fleming County, Kentucky. He was a grocer and landowner in Morehead, KY. He died October 16, 1904.

Milton was the son of Samuel, who was born about 1838 in Fleming County, KY. He died in the Civil War (March 15, 1863) and is buried in Danville National Cemetery, Danville, KY.

Samuel was the son of Elijah, who was born about 1795 in Bourbon, KY.

Elijah was the son of William, who was born between 1765 and 1770 in England.

William was the son of John, about whom nothing else is known.

There the record ends on the Mark family.

My mother was Jessie Mae Edmon, born September 10, 1897, at Falls of Blaine, Lawrence County, Kentucky. She was the wife of one husband. She died in December 1981 in Portland, Oregon, and is buried alongside her husband in Morehead, Kentucky.

Jessie Mae was the daughter of James Monroe Edmunds, who was born October 3, 1856, in Mason County, Virginia. He died in 1913 or 1914. He was a rural mail carrier.

James was the son of Winfield Watson Edmunds, who was born in 1828 in Brunswick County, Virginia.

Winfield was the son of Samuel, who was born in 1805 or 1806 in Brunswick County, Virginia.

Samuel was the son of Benjamin, who was born between 1780 and 1784 in Brunswick County, Virginia.

Benjamin was the son of Sterling.

Sterling was the son of Nicholas, who was born about 1710 in Surry County, Virginia.

Nicholas was the son of Howell, who was born about 1675 in Virginia.

And there the record ends on the Edmunds family.

My father's mother was Mary Alice P'Simer, who was born in February of 1860 in Lewis County, Kentucky. They were married April 24, 1879. She and Milton had several children: Milton, Jessie, Chester, Isaac, and Boone were the ones who survived childhood.

Mary Alice was the daughter of John Granville Picklesimer, born 1833 or 1834 in Kentucky.

John was the son of Samuel, who was the son of Abraham, who was the son of Jacob, who was the son of Abraham (born 1723), who was the son of Isaac.

And there the record ends on the Picklesimers.

My mother's mother was Margaret Jane Leslie, who was born January 11, 1862, in Whites Creek, Kentucky. She died February 21, 1921, at Zelda, Kentucky.

Margaret was the daughter of David, who was born April 27, 1843, in Lawrence County, Kentucky.

David was the son of John, who was born in 1809 at Tazewell County, Virginia.

John was the son of John Lesley, who was born in 1760 in Augusta County, Virginia.

John was the son of William, who was born in 1729 at Auldearn, Nairn, Scotland.

William was the son of John, also of Auldearn.

And there the record ends on the Lesleys.

[Coincidentally, a friend of mine is married to a man who was born and raised in Nairn. They recently returned there to live. She sent me a postcard which has these two pictures on it. The church may be newer than the 1720's, but the castle looks like it may have been there when my great, great, great, great grandfather lived there.][Kenny McLeod, a resident of Nairn, tells me that the church just celebrated its 200th anniversary; the castle goes back to the 14th century. He also notes that there are still some Leslie's living in Nairn.]

If you know anything about any of these people,
especially if you are a relative,
and if you would like to communicate with me,
now's your opportunity.

Genealogy facts supplied by Gareth Leslie Mark, former Senior American Researcher,
Lineages, Inc., Salt Lake City, Utah.

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