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Advisor to the President

The Jolly Five
On many occasions I have advised Presidents and other high officials on what I thought was the best course of action they could take. For instance:

RMN I advised President Nixon to resign, which he did.
Gerald FordI advised President Ford not to run for a second term; he ran anyway and lost.
Jimmy CarterI advised President Carter to not mind losing because he would be a much better ex-president than he was president.
I don't  tell falsehoods to the American people. I leave that to others.I advised President Reagan to remember to set his alarm clock before each nap, but he usually forgot.
The Great CommunicatorPresident Bush apparently did not appreciate my cogent piece of advice; possibly he was not limber enough follow it.
Bill, let's call her Monica

"Bill, let's call her Monica."

President Clinton never did follow my advice on his marital problems, but perhaps that was too much to ask.

Remember, Shrub, Jesus is watching you

Remember, Shrub, Jesus is watching you. You better be good. No more DUI's.

Go get 'em, Mr. President

Go get 'em, Mr. President.

At any rate, you too can be an advisor to the president, or to other high government officials:

The President

The Vice President

The Speaker of the House

Your Senators and Representatives in Congress

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Genealogy Grandfather Historian Philosopher
Political Philosophy Seeker of Wisdom and Truth
Back to the Front

Caricatures from Mother Jones Magazine; photo of President and Mrs. Clinton was sent to me by someone, I don't know who; photo of President G.W.H. Bush from somewhere on the Net; photo of President Nixon, plus all sound bites, from "Great American Speech Collection," which I gues is no longer on the Web. Caricature of Gerald Ford by Ed Sorrel. Caricature of Jimmy Carter from Caricature of Barrack Obama from