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Political Philosophy

Voting Record

Well, okay. If you insist, I will give you my voting record for the last sixteen Presidential and Vice Presidential elections:

MY VOTES for President/Vice President in CAPS:
1988DUKAKIS/TALLTEXANBush/Impeachment InsuranceBush/Impeachment Insurance 
1992CLINTON/GOREBush/Impeachment InsuranceClinton/Gore*
2000GORE/LIEBERMANBush/CheneyNo winner; Bush coup d'etatX
2004Kerry/EdwardsBush/CheneyNo winner; America losesX

* Elections in which I voted for the winner.

There you have it. Now you know why the country is in such bad shape: My guys win only half the time!

At least I'm doing better than my mother did: She voted for Harding (Warren G., not Tanya) in 1920 (the first time women could vote) and never voted again!

Here's a remarkable fact about our presidents: The presidents have fathered 153 children; 86 of them have been boys, 67 girls.

Of course, this doesn't include children we don't know about, and some of the presidents may have had quite a few of those. But the ratio of boys to girls would have been the same I would think for children born in or out of wedlock.

At any rate, it seems like there would be an approximately equal number of boys and girls, but there isn't.


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