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photo series.

Life Magazine's "The 100 People Who Made the Millennium"

Listed in the order of importance, from most important to 100th most important, in the opinion of Life's editors.

The links will take you to a site on the Web about the person named
(not to Life Magazine's synopses).

Thomas Edison Christopher Columbus Martin Luther Galileo Galilei Leonardo da Vinci Isaac Newton Ferdinand Magellan Louis Pasteur Charles Darwin Thomas Jefferson William Shakespeare Napoleon Bonaparte Adolf Hitler Zheng He Henry Ford Sigmund Freud Richard Arkwright Karl Marx Nicolaus Copernicus Orville and Wilbur Wright Albert Einstein Mohandas Gandhi Kublai Khan James Madison Simon Bolivar Mary Wollstonecraft Guglielmo Marconi Mao Zedong Vladimir Lenin Martin Luther King, Jr. Alexander Graham Bell Rene Descartes Ludwig van Beethoven St. Thomas Aquinas Abraham Lincoln Michelangelo Vasco da Gama Suleyman the Magnificent Samuel F.B. Morse John Calvin Florence Nightingale Hernan Cortes Joseph Lister Ibn Battuta Zhu Xi Gregor Mendel John Locke Akbar Marco Polo Dante Alighiere John D. Rockefeller Jean-Jacques Rousseau Niels Bohr Joan of Arc Louis XIV Nikola Tesla Immanuel Kant Fan Kuan Otto von Bismarck William the Conqueror Guido of Arezzo John Harrison Pope Innocent III Hiram Maxim Jane Addams Cao Xueqin Matteo Ricci Louis Armstrong Michael Faraday Ibn-Sina Simone de Beauvoir Jalal ad-Din ar-Rumi Adam Smith Marie Curie Andrea Palladio Peter the Great Pablo Picasso Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre Antoine Laurent Lavoisier Phineas T. Barnum Edwin Hubble Susan B. Anthony Raphael Helen Keller Hokusai Theodor Herzl Queen Elizabeth I Claudio Monteverdi Walt Disney Nelson Mandela Roger Bannister Leo Tolstoy John von Neumann Santiago Ramon y Cajal Jacques Cousteau Catherine de Medicis Ibn-Khaldun Kwame Nkruma Carolus Linnaeus

If you find better sites about these people (more informative, more artistic, more exhaustive) than the ones listed here, let me know and I may change the links.

Life Magazine had a Web site, "Life Ranks the 100 Great Events of the Past 1,000 Years"; some of the people left out of their list of people may have been featured instead as an event; e.g., Gutenburg was featured under invention of printing.

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