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Maryhill Winery

Maryhill Winery
Being a teetotaller, I can't tell you anything about the wine Maryhill Wineries produces, but I can tell you that this winery is quite a place! The tasting house features this very large shaded patio, plus a long tasting bar inside. The wine shop appears to be well stocked, and snacks are available. Small-group tours of the winery itself are available upon reservation.

Maryhill Winery

I could sit all day on the patio, looking out over the beautiful orchard and vineyard, with the Columbia River below, and the mountains in the background.

But the big surprise was the amphitheater! It seats about four thousand on the hillside here (I know, that isn't so large, but we are 100 miles from the nearest city of any size). For Summer 2004, The Temptations and Willie Nelson have been booked, plus two other big-name concerts.
A new stage is being constructed and will be ready for the next concert.

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