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More of Don's
photo series.

Wahclella Falls

Wahclella Falls
Wahclella Falls

Wahclella Falls is a real beauty! Heading east from Portland on I-84, go to Exit 40; take a right and park in the Tanner Creek Trail parking lot. Walk along an old road (not the old Columbia River Scenic Highway, which is right there; go through the parking lot to the Wahclella Falls sign) and then a nice trail to Munra Falls (bottom picture); keep going along a rougher trail with steep places for a total of about a mile to Wahclella Falls (above). Look way up to the top of the falls and you will see East Fork Falls (second photo) on the east wall of the small gorge where the upper falls is. You will be well-rewarded for your work.

East Fork Falls

East Fork Falls, which is to the left of the upper Wahclella Falls. Sorry about the sunspot; I got there at the wrong time of day.

Munra Falls

Munra Falls is actually the first one you come to on the trail. It slides down the rock wall of the gorge of Tanner Creek. Pretty, but does not compare to Wahclella, further up the trail.

Lots of pretty flowers alongside the trail: foxglove and monkeyflower were in bloom.

Lupine? On the cliff at Munra Falls

Northwest Forest Pass required to park
in the Wahclella Falls parking area.
Purchase Forest Pass here

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