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More of Don's
photo series.

Multnomah Falls

Multnomah Falls 1

Well, what can I say about Multnomah Falls. It is 611 feet tall, one of the highest in the nation. It is only 30 miles east of Portland. Just the other day I left Portland at 1:00, drove to Multnomah Falls, walked the trail to the top, took some photos, walked back down, ate lunch, and arrived back in Portland by 4:00.

Lower Falls

As you can see, it is really two falls--the upper falls drops 542 feet, and the lower one 69 feet.

Starting Up the Trail

Well, let's start at the bottom and walk the trail to the top. It's a little over a mile, paved all the way, with a few steep places. I'm almost 70 and not in especially good shape, and I made it, so you probably can too.

Multnomah Falls 2

Bensen Footbridge

Base of the Upper Falls

Along the Trail

Halfway Up

Looking Down Over the Crest of the Falls

Looking down over the crest of the falls.

Looking Out

Looking out across the Columbia River, with Washington in the background.

There is actually a fairly significant cascading falls above the upper falls, too.

Cascading Falls 1

And then another one.

Cascading Falls 2

And two more falls above that, less than a half mile back.

Second Falls 1

As nearly as I can discover, this falls has no name. I'll call it the second falls. It is on the Larch Mountain Trail, beyond Multnomah Falls a little way. This next photo is the same falls from a little closer.

Second Falls 2

There's another falls beyond this one, which I'll get to one of these days.

Benson Footbridge from above
Benson Footbridge as seen from above.

So this is an especially magnificent waterfall taken in its totality.

These next shots are from the bottom of Multnomah Falls.

Multnomah Falls 3 Multnomah Falls 4

Multnomah Falls 5 Multnomah Falls: Autumn Evening

Back at the bottom, looking back as you leave the area. Four different times of year, four different times of day. Notice the extra waterfall on the third picture, which was taken after a heavy rain, in midwinter. The last photo is the falls on an autumn evening. More autumn photos of Multnomah Falls.

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