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Cascade Cliffs Winery

Cascade Cliffs

Nestled between the Cascade Cliffs and the Columbia River is the Cascade Cliffs Winery. The cliffs absorb heat during the day and reflect it at night, providing warmth to the growing grapes. In addition, the Columbia River reflects sunlight onto the vineyard all day. And not only that, but the Missoula Floods washed soil from the cliffs thousands of years ago, making ideal soil for viticulture.

Owner discusses intricacies of winegrowing with webmaster
                                                                      —Photo by Patricia Shriver

Owner Robert Lorkowski took my friend and I on a private tour of the vineyard and winery. He explained the intricacies and vicissitudes of growing grapes and the conditions which prevail in the Gorge.

The beauty of the vineyard

Aesthetically the site is ideal also, with Mt. Hood, tallest mountain in Oregon, forming a backdrop for the river and vineyard.

Grapes at beginning of ripening stage

When the grapes just start to turn color, that's the beginning of the ripening season. Before this, the fruit surrounding the seed is bitter, and nothing wants to eat it. As the fruit sweetens, everything wants to eat it, spreading the seed far and wide for future growth. Also leaving it vulnerable to other life forms.

Vats and barrells

Inside the winery we see the vats and barrels and other accoutrements of wine making.

The finished product
                                                                      —Photo by Patricia Shriver

And here we have the finished product, a bottle of one of the fine wines produced in this charming place.

For more information, visit the Cascade Cliffs Winery website.

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