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Vermont State House

Vermont State House

At 140 years old, Vermont's State House in Montpelier is beautifully sited and maintained. This is the third capitol building on this site; the first became outgrown as Vermont grew and the second was gutted by fire. This building retains the portico of the second building.

Lobby of Vermont State House Lobby of Vermont State House

The lobby features this spiral staircase, one of two, which indicates the beauty of design and highlights the care Vermont has lavished on its seat of government.

Legislative chamber

The two Legislative Chambers are the oldest in the nation still in their original form. The city of Montpelier is the smallest state capital city, and the building is one of the smallest state capitol buildings which is still used as a capitol. (At least three others, Delaware, Arizona, and Nevada, have small, old buildings which are called the state capitol, but are now museums. Maybe Florida, also.)

Governor's Office

The Governor's Office, a ceremonial room, welcomes visitors, as does the rest of the capitol, with many volunteer guides to show you around. This attitude of openness and pride is very pleasant when campared with some other states which lock up their buildings from the citizens who own them.

Supreme Court Building

Right next door to the State House is the Vermont Historical Society Museum, a "must-see" for anyone interested in Vermont's heritage and way of life.