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Nebraska State Capitol

Nebraska State Capitol

I like the skyscraper architecture, as opposed to the look of most the other capitols; Nebraska had the first skyscraper captitol. Nebraska has a unicameral legislature, which strikes me as being a good idea. The tower of the building was supposed to represent the one-ness of the legislature.

Inside, looking up Interesting chandelier

This building has many unusual features, such as the tile walls and this chandelier. Below, the door to the legislative chamber has a Greek look to it, but upon closer examination you see that it is American Indian. Inside, the legislative chamber is cavernous.

Door to legislative chamber

Inside the legislative chamber

I was walking down this hallway, thinking how dark it was. The lights were on, but they were not very bright. The floors were a dark color, also. I came to a stairway, and almost fell because I didn't see the step. I felt for the handrail, which was recessed into the wall and not easy to grip. I was thinking, someone is going to fall here if they're not careful. Then I heard "Auuggghhhh!!" I looked back, and a woman was falling down the stairs, head first, on her stomach! She slid down the whole flight of stairs. Fortunately, she was with a group of people and they took care of her.

Dark Hallways