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photo series.

Presidents' Places: John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Street in Boston where John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born

On May 29, 1917, a momentous event occurred on Beals Street in Brookline, Massachusetts: the birth of John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

House JFK was born in

His parents, not yet wealthy, lived in this modest home. They already had a bunch of kids, but were conscientious Catholics, and welcomed the new arrival enthusiastically.

Master bedroom where JFK was born

Jack was born here in this room, his parents' bedroom.

Little kids' bedroom

Here is the cradle little Jack slept in, and the undergarment of his baptismal gown.

Parlor in house JFK was born in

Here is their parlor. . .

Kitchen of the Kennedy home

. . . and their kitchen. I imagine they were well-off enough by this time to have a cook; it's hard to imagine Rose in the kitchen. This house is actually more of a shrine to Rose than to Jack.

Dining room

The dining room.

The Kennedy family, becoming more affluent all the time, moved from this house while Jack was still a baby. The house they moved to is only a few blocks away, and is in private ownership.

Skipping over many years, we now come to the John F. Kennedy Library and Museum, south of Boston, the only presidential library in New England.

John F. Kennedy Library and Museum

This magnificent edifice houses artifacts from the life of the Kennedy's, and is one of the most-visited of all the presidential libraries.


The library overlooks Massachusetts Bay. This is a spacious building with a huge collection of artifacts, papers, recordings, etc., of the entire Kennedy administration.

Baptismal gown

Here is Jack's actual baptismal gown.

Rocking chair

Jack was in ill health all his life, and maintained his busy schedule with back pain as a constant companion. He had several rocking chairs; this is the one from the oval office.

Replica of a campaign headquarters

He fought a hard battle for the presidency against Richard Nixon, and won only by the slimmest of margins. He once said his father refused to pay for a landslide victory.

Replica of Oval Office with TV equipment

Most (maybe all) of the presidential libraries have replicas of the oval office as it was during the presidency. Jack's has TV equipment from the era; he was the first president to use TV to any great extent.

Oval Office artifacts

More oval office artifacts.

One of Jack's favorite paintings, from Oval Office

And here is one of Jack's favorite paintings.

Painting by Jacqueline Kennedy
Jacqueline Kennedy painted this watercolor entitled "The White House Long Ago" as a gift for her husband. The president displayed the picture in the Oval Office. It was the least he could do.

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