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Presidents' Places: Benjamin Harrison

Benjamine Harrison Home

Benjamin Harrison was the president who served between Grover Cleveland's two terms; therefore, he is the only president to defeat a president and then be defeated by him.

Benjamin Harrison is generally considered to not be too successful as president. However, he did get the National Park Service going, which is enough to earn anyone accolades, in my opinion.

He married his second wife when he was quite old, and his new bride was twenty-five years younger than him. Then they had a baby who lived until 1955. Pictures of him with his new wife and child look pretty strange -- that old man with his pretty young wife and little baby.

The Harrison family were very well educated, intellectual, artistic, and musical.

I had a private tour of this Indianapolis house by a well informed young man. We went from room to room, him pointing out things which I would not have noticed on my own. Photography was allowed, but it was very dark in there so my pictures didn't turn out too well. A very enjoyable morning.


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