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Sorry, but Don's Desktop Publishing Services is no longer in business, due to old age.
Don still sells Photo CDs, though.

Don's offers a variety of desktop publishing services, from conception and design to the printed page, including editing, proofing, layout, typesetting, and illustration to final presentation; with some jobs we can even write it for you if you like.

For most jobs, we provide you with one master copy, which you take to the print shop for reproduction.

For larger jobs, we can arrange printing for you at your favorite printing company.

All prices are in US dollars.

Résumés Job hunting? Remember, your RÉSUMÉ precedes you. It can tell a prospective employer a lot about you. Allow us to help you present yourself in the best possible light.
   Cost: about $12.00 per page.
   Contact Don's by E-mail or phone (360) 721-3234.
   Includes: Master copy of your résumé. Disk file archived. We can place your résumé on the World Wide Web for world-wide distribution.
Newsletters NEWSLETTERS are our specialty. A well produced newsletter can strengthen an organization such as a church or environmental interest group, providing information, making announcements, and keeping members up to date on what is going on.
   Price: $15.00 per page from disk; typing one cent per word extra.
   Contact Don's by E-mail or phone (360) 721-3234.
   Includes one folded copy and one flat copy for reproduction.

Mailings We can MAIL a lot of letters to different people quickly, cheaply, and easily.
   Price: $10.00 for the letter form; $.50 per letter sent, plus postage.
   Contact Don's by E-mailor phone (360) 721-3234.
   Includes one letter plus one mailing label per address.

StationeryBrochure First impressions are important. Just as people tend to size you up by your appearance, so they are inclined to judge your business initially by your STATIONERY. Allow us to create a set of business or personal stationery that conveys purpose and style.
   Price: $10.00 for a simple layout; more if more complicated. Matching brochure extra.
   Contact Don's by E-mailor phone (360) 721-3234.
   Includes masters for first page, 2nd page, envelope, business card, and optional matching brochure.
Brochures BROCHURES, inserted into a letter or sitting on your counter, inform people about your company or product in a way nothing else can. Brochures can be very simple, or as sophisticated as you like.
   Price varies; generally about $15 per panel.
   Contact Don's by E-mailor phone (360) 721-3234.
   Includes one folded and one flat master. Disk file archived.
4-Color Brochures 4-COLOR BROCHURES are printed with colored photographs. This is an expensive, technical process; we job out the actual printing.
   Price varies; generally about $15 per panel plus about $50 per photograph, plus printing cost. The final price will be about $1.00 per copy if you order 1,000.
   Contact Don's by E-mailor phone (360) 721-3234.
Fliers FLIERS get the word out about your event, from garage sale to car wash, school play to community meeting, weekly specials to yearly sale! Usually in big print on bright colored paper, fliers are meant to be posted on bulletin boards to catch the eye and be read from a bit of a distance.
   Price: $12.00 and up for a one-page 8.5" x 11" flier.
   Contact Don's by E-mailor phone (360) 721-3234.
   Includes: one master plus archived disk file.
Research Papers, Theses, Assignments, Reports, etc. TYPING research papers, themes, theses, assignments, and reports can be a pain in the fingers and time-consuming besides. Or maybe you are still struggling with "hunt and peck" typing. We can do your typing for you, quickly and accurately.
   Price: 1 cent per word. Long bibliographies and tables extra.
   Contact Don's by E-mailor phone (360) 721-3234.
   Includes: Typing, proofreading, two copies. Disk file archived.

Handbooks Handbooks and other BOOKLETS are printed two one-half pages on an 8.5" x 11" page, on both sides, so that you have a booklet. Pages can be numbered, you can have footnotes or a bibliography.
   Price: $2.00 per booklet page plus typing at one cent per word.
   Contact Don's by E-mailor phone (360) 721-3234.
   Includes: Two masters: one folded and one flat. Disk file archived.
Web Site Development WEB SITE DEVELOPMENT: If you want an uncomplicated, attractive, easy-to-use Web site for your business or for you personally, Don's is the one to call.
   Price: $50 for a one-page site with one or two graphics, a couple of links, etc. If you want revisions to it as time goes by, they will cost you about $16.00 per hour. Internet access (if you don't already have it) will cost you about $20 per month.
   Contact Don's by E-mailor phone (360) 721-3234.
   Includes: Laying out your Web site and doing the initial setup with your Internet provider.

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